Creamy Peanut Butter Sheet Cake

There are two perfect foods in this world – peanut butter and bacon.  Now I’m not talking about perfect nutrition here, although an argument for protein could be made to justify the consumption of either of these.  I’m talking about pure eye-rolling, food-eating pleasure.  Now I can’t help you with the bacon on this recipe, … Continue reading

Creme Brulee

I am about to tell you a secret.  Creme Brulee, or “burnt cream” is a very easy dessert to make.  The Moxie way cuts a few corners, and I promise you cannot tell a difference.  All of that “scraping the vanilla beans, pouring the liquid through a sieve,” business is totally unnecessary.  I have had … Continue reading

Irish Apple Cake a la Mode

Eating this cake is like taking a trip to Apple heaven.  Unless you have some strange aversion to butterscotch and apples, then waste no time running to the grocery store to grab the ingredients for this one.  I have made this recipe more times than I can count.  It involves chopping up some pecans and … Continue reading